View Full Version : Need more slots for opening ports on linksys wrt54g

02-01-10, 11:49 PM
Ok so I have the wrt54g router from linksys. Firmware Version: v1.02.5 build 002, Jan. 9, 2008

It only has 9 slots for port forwarding. I need many more. I've heard you can get some kind of new software for it called dd-wrt or something (but you have the flash the router?). Is this recommended if you need more port forwarding slots? Note that I don't currently have any problems with the router - I download and upload a lot of content without a hitch and the router performs nicely. I don't want to jeopardize this but I do need more slots.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

02-02-10, 12:01 AM
I don't know about being able to add more forwarded ports, but if you flash dd-wrt make sure you check the router database (http://www.dd-wrt.com/site/support/router-database) before doing anything. If you have a hardware revision that can take the firmware you should check over the installation docs (http://www.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/Installation), reset to factory defaults, and start with the mini build first since Linksys doesn't allow flashing anything larger than 3mb. Once that's on you can pick the firmware with the features you want.

I flashed a few WRT54GL routers for work for a PPTP/OpenVPN router so anyone offsite can access internal stuff like windows file shares. The web interface is really nice, much better than I expected. The defaults are similar to Linksys' firmware (including the ip address of, user=root, pass=admin).

02-02-10, 12:42 PM
be careful when using a linksys router. Although they have been using the same name for 10 years (WRT54G), they have changed the hardware inside several times.

DDWRT allows you a lot more port forwarding or even port range forward.

02-03-10, 04:54 AM
I've been told the tomato firmware is also good for this router. Is that better than the ddwrt?