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02-02-10, 12:16 AM
I use a Rosewill RNX-G400 router for two wired connections, one to each of my PC's, both running Vista. Media rig has Ultimate 64, desk rig has Home Premium 32. Both are using Windows Firewall and MS Security Essentials. My ISP is Time Warner Cable.

Here's a Newegg link to the router, which has always done its job decently:


Here's the problem:

I was trying to open up some ports so I could run a UT3 dedicated server.

In Windows Firewall, on the inbound side I opened the following:

- UDP 6500 - Gamespy Query Port
- UDP 7777 - UT3 Game Port
- UDP 13000 - Stats Port

In my router config, went to NAT/Virtual Server, I had the following to fill in:

Rule Name _____

Internal Server IP Address:
192.168.1. _____

Protocol _____

External Port _____

Internal Port _____

... I filled this out for 6500, 7777, 7787 and 27888. UDP for everything. I put the same port name (for example 7777) for both internal and external.

So after doing this in both the router config and windows firewall (inbound) I'd imagine that a port scanner or checker would see that those ports are open, right? Nope.

I really want to be able to focus on the parts of doing the dedicated server that involve things like map voting, custom characters etc!!! This port crap is getting me p1ssed.

Can you guys help me out with this? I'm available much of the day on AIM, Google chat & Steam if that helps.

02-02-10, 09:01 AM
... so uhhh... bump!

02-02-10, 09:06 AM
Just a thought but did you make sure you saved it in the router and reboot it?

02-02-10, 09:11 AM
Yup, I did that. :(

02-02-10, 12:48 PM
a few rules when you try to use port forwarding:
- you need a fixed IP on your computer, not DHCP (as address would change every reboot)
- you need to define the port to forward, the port to forward it to and the IP to forward it to.

a very good guide on how to do it for most routers:

02-02-10, 01:28 PM
I'll check it out. This is soooo Greek to me. :p