View Full Version : Viewsonic PF815 21 inch for sale!

ad hoc
09-02-02, 03:48 PM
For anyone who is interested! Flat screen, ARAG coating, aperature grill...

It is in great condition (including the original box!!!), but after 2+ years using this monitor at college, this 21inch monitor is just too big. So, I'll be going the LCD route.

It can do 1920 x 1440 @ 75Hz, 1600 x 1200 @ 92Hz.

I'm asking for ~$500 for it, obo!

If anyone is interested, please let me know!

ad hoc
09-04-02, 08:10 PM

09-20-02, 10:15 AM
Hrmm obo? does that not mean or best offer? and since there isn;t any i'll take it for 1 dollar canadian with free shipping

ad hoc
09-20-02, 01:42 PM
Well, if you were serious, and about 2 weeks sooner, I might have done that...

However the monitor sold, and is out of my reach!

Thanks for the inquiry tho