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02-03-10, 10:20 PM
I just got done playing TF2, and I got into a zone that just made me feel... fantastic :)

Few online experiences are more fun than absolutely dominating and seemingly doing no wrong when playing :D

I played on both teams (I switched after the first round completion) of a 3 round session in Gold Rush. Had about a 9-1 kdr (about 154k/16d) plus a ton of assists and destructions as demo. The first round I had 8 dominations with no one getting a revenge. Switched teams and had 5 more dominations with no revenge kills. I had 5 more in the 3'rd round before calling it a day.

I was bored when I quit but man, it felt good while playing :)

What with all the sobering news we have had recently, little moments to perk you up and remind you of the good old days when you were online playing with some of your online buddies.

Here's to those who have left us and to the good times playing in the zone.


02-03-10, 10:43 PM

bob saget
02-03-10, 10:53 PM
Definitely, I have my moments pub-staring in cod4, or yesterday when I went on an Apache killing streak in BFBC2.

02-03-10, 11:57 PM
You noobs.

2 to 1 kill to death ratio, pretty much in every online FPS, and that's after I warm up.

Yeah that's right.

If you're on a server and you see me, you'd better watch out, because I

will probably be an easy kill.

bob saget
02-04-10, 02:11 AM
conversely, the worst feeling is when you do everything right and some knob comes along and rapes you.

02-04-10, 06:41 AM
lol that guys face gets me everytime