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02-05-10, 07:26 PM
I am new to the I7 world. I am considering upgrading. Someone build me the cheapest I7 rig that supports SLI, and is a pretty good X58 board preferable not microATX, by building I mean post a link to the board, I am already set up the 920 I figure that is a good processor. I am also confused on RAM situation, I've read that the new DDR3 RAM can run in Tri Channel on the new i7 boards is this true, and how do I get my RAM to run in Tri-Channel? I'd prefer 6GB of RAM, and the reason I am asking about the boards is, on newegg theres several different boards that look identical in the EVGA section, though I did not plan on specifically going for EVGA, but I am confused as to what makes the difference...

02-06-10, 12:37 PM
You may or may not want to do business with them, but I suggest the power search option at www.newegg.com.

http://www.newegg.com/Product/PowerSearch.aspx?N=2010200280&SubCategory=280&GASe arch=3

Make sure to choose only retail packages. The open box ones are returns, and Newegg doesn't guarantee that all the pieces (like the IO shield) are in the box.

Also choose the ATX form factor.

I've mostly used Asus, but EVGA has a good reputation.

Not all X58 boards support SLI. It mainly involves the maker paying a royalty to nVidia, who allows them to put code in the BIOS that is recognized by nVidia's graphic drivers.

Triple channel memory is similar to dual channel, except it uses three matching DIMMs rather than two. All that you have to do is insert them in the same-colored DIMM slots.