View Full Version : mobo messed up

trivium nate
02-10-10, 04:21 PM
okay I notcied one of the silver things in the red circle in that picture by the fan isnt all the way attached like i dont think its just going fall off but is it bad? i bet it is,
everything seems fine I guess heres the pic with the silver thing circled


02-10-10, 05:44 PM
the silver thing is a capacitor and the fact that it's falling off is definitely not good.

bob saget
02-10-10, 09:06 PM
if it falls off, thats really bad. i think your motherboard won't work after, but not 100% sure.

trivium nate
02-11-10, 06:05 AM
okY thanks stupid motherboard maybe i should take a picture later to show you guys

02-11-10, 12:44 PM
i would like to see it, i never personally heard of capacitors just falling off, unless it was budged couple times by the user.

02-11-10, 01:29 PM
Is this a refurb mobo?

02-11-10, 01:45 PM
They don't just fall off unless nudged / broken by a user. It could have been a weak solder point originally but it'd only really be an issue if you bumped it. It won't get worse on its own