View Full Version : AOE III Crashing!

02-10-10, 06:17 PM
Guys im having some issues with AOE III, Basically its the first time ive re-installed since i installed Windows 7 .... I start the game and can be playing for like 5 mins then the screen goes black for afew secs (i can still see the mouse curser at all times) The game comes back on and after say 3 mins the screen goes black again, This repeats and gets more frequent untill the game finally crashes & i have to ctrl, alt & tab out and end the process of AOE III that the task manager says is not responding.

Ive tried every thing i can think of(and googled), I have the 196.21 WHQL drivers installed from the nvidia website, I have the latest drivers & applications installed for my sound blaster, I have the latest version of direct x installed(feb 10), Ive tried running the program in compatability mode for XP sp2 & 3, Ive tried running it with only one core enabled.

I have AOE III with the very latest patch installed, I have The WarChiefs with the very latest patch installed & i have The Asian Dynasties with the very latest patch installed and all games installed in order of release date & patched straight after install.

My windows 7 is fully up to date.

Im totally stumped as to to why this is happening. Has anybody git any ideas? :confused: