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07-07-03, 11:31 AM
Is there difference betven MX440, Ti4200 and FX5200 in tv out quality ? I am using MX440 and it gives near perfect picture on PAL TV, monitor is set to 1024x768 and TV to 720x576, and I am considering upgrade , options are MSI Ti4200 (philips 7104 chip)
and FX 5200 (integrated video encoder)



07-07-03, 11:34 AM
GF4 MX and FX5200/5600/5800/5900 all have the same integrated MV TV-out encoder built inside the chip(I think the FX's encoder is improved compared to the MX's one).

Ti cards do not have the encoder and requires a 3rd party chip for TV-out support.