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07-07-03, 03:35 PM
Yes, this will be a lower end chip.

Yes, it's designed for 266 fsb.

Yes, it has disabled cache.


Will this chip catch on with enthusiasts?
Most seem to think it won't.

I'm on the fence on this one.

What if (due to its architecture and mfg process) it OC's great?

What if the cache can be tested and enabled?


Well, we know its name now, and it will probably be the butt of some jokes due to the "FX" moniker...


Does anyone have info on pricing/availability?


Any other "Post-Announcement" info?

...I'm fairly enthused...:)

07-07-03, 03:57 PM
They should have made it with flexible bus from 266 , 333 and 400, half cache is not so bad to lower costs , this config would be sweet bang for the buck deal :rolleyes:

The Baron
07-07-03, 04:00 PM
Does anyone have info on pricing/availability?
No. Such is the curse of the FX moniker.

Now, the QUESTION is... how long will it take Unwinder to soft-mod the cache? :p

07-07-03, 04:55 PM
Originally posted by The Baron
the QUESTION is... how long will it take Unwinder to soft-mod the cache? :p

...That's what I'M talkin bout! :cool:

Ninja Prime
07-07-03, 11:46 PM
I find this processor interesting. I've been wanting a cpu upgrade for a while now, but soon the Athlon64 will be out and so will PCI express, so I want to wait to upgrade the whole thing.

However, if these things are good and cheap, I may get one to hold me off... I have a 266fbs mobo and a 1800+, so these would be just right for me. I hope the 2400+ version is under $65.... :D

07-08-03, 08:22 AM
I'm seeing some conflicting info... most statements made in May or so refer to the 2600+ as a 333fsb chip, but the newer info sez 266 for all...



07-08-03, 10:48 AM
They should have called it the Athlon VooThorDooTon

07-08-03, 11:25 AM

sayin it phoeneticlly evokes belly laffs... :D:D

07-10-03, 09:34 AM
How about Athlon MX ? ;)

07-10-03, 12:54 PM
lmao, I like it!