View Full Version : FSB detection on A7N8X

07-07-03, 05:20 PM
Just wondering...

Does Asus A7N8X support FSB detection of the CPU? So, for example, if I dropped a 333MHz in it, the FSB of the board will run at 333MHz? I don't want to have to make any jumper or BIOS selections as I switch between using 266, 333 and 400FSB CPUs.


07-08-03, 06:57 AM
i think AMD mobos with any chipsets will read the strings to identify the cpu and rating, ie AhlonXP 2800+ etc but will not automatically adjust fsb. The fsb must adjusted manually unlike Intel chipsets where its done automatically. Not really sure because the reviews of the A7N8X doesn't say anything on the matter or I haven't notcied because I am used to manually adjusting fsb for AMD cpus.



07-08-03, 07:30 AM
well...this comp on work came with MSI nforce2 mobo and FSB was set up wrong ...so we needed to do it manually.......