View Full Version : which one of these 4 to get?

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02-13-10, 06:50 AM
ASUS VW246H $229.99

Acer H243Hbmid $239.99

SAMSUNG 2494HM $249.99

Acer G245Hbmid $249.99

these r my only choices because i need 1080P 24" ,built-in speakers,HDMI, $220-250.

02-13-10, 07:14 AM
I really like Asus' LCDs. They're TN screens, so they don't have amazing picture quality, but they do the job. The ones I've used (23" and 25.5") have decent back-light uniformity and no dead pixels as well.

All of the ones you posted are going to be pretty similar in picture quality. I'd go with the Asus personally.

02-13-10, 08:42 AM
I have the ASUS VW246H and I love it.

02-13-10, 10:08 AM
I don't think it matters none of these retail brands make their own screens. It is simply a rebrand most time.

Biggest difference between brands now would be the stand, bezel and the most important customer service.

02-13-10, 12:13 PM
+1 Asus VW246H:thumbsup:

I've got mine hooked up with a Dvi from the Pc to HDMI cable into the monitor.

Best Monitor I've ever Owned :)

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02-13-10, 01:25 PM
alright thanks guys.. getting asus