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07-08-03, 03:50 PM
Whats the best gaming LCD larger than 19" ? I have seen the Samsung 192T but I guess it's not coming out for awhile, but I like the way it looks and the wall mount included. Apparently the response time needs to be around 16ms


07-08-03, 04:28 PM
There aren't any 19" LCDs that have response time of less than 25 ms yet. I personally don't think that makes them suitable for gaming, considering I own a 16 ms LCD and I can notice some ghosting and streaking in games like Counterstrike and Quake 3. (Not much, but it's noticable). If you're still interested in 19" though, I hear the Dell 1800FP is a hell of a deal, and it's based on the Samsung model.

07-08-03, 05:31 PM
I think I saw an article i think maybe at hexus that showed some head guy at AMD used a 19' LCD for gaming.

07-17-03, 12:28 PM
Ok I think these may be the best LCD's to choose from in this size range.

The dell 2000FP


Princeton SENergy 2081 http://www.prgr.com/Download/PDF/LCD/Senergy2081.pdf

It looks like the princeton has the best specs, but I can't find it for sale anywhere. http://www.prgr.com/Products/ProductsF.html

Anyone have any info on the Princeton SENergy 2081 ? Reviews or stores that carry it?

Princeton SENergy 2081
DVI Connector** Compatible with the new DVI digital video standard. Digital signal provides superior front-of-screen performance without requiring additional adjustments. Also compatible with DFP graphics card with optional adapter*.

What is DFP?

07-17-03, 12:51 PM
I love my 2000FP!

The motion blur (ie, ghosting) is very minor and not noticeable in most games. At least to me, anyway.

The *only* complaint I have... which is a problem with most current LCDs is the fact that blacks aren't dark enough. Because of the backlight, there is always a slight white glow. Kinda makes games like Homeworld not look quite as good as they did on a CRT. Just my opinion...

07-17-03, 09:31 PM
Waiting for Samsung 172x reviews to come out...September?