View Full Version : Athlon64 3400+ benchmarks?!!

07-10-03, 08:00 AM
Take a look here (http://www.e04hardware.com/k8a64/k8a64.htm) and tell me what you think.

07-10-03, 08:08 AM
me likey! :D

Does pertty darn good @ 32bit! Can't wait till someone runs some 64bit unix code benchmarks pairing it up against teh new PPC chips (oh and intel's 64bit offering a well :rolleyes: )

07-10-03, 01:52 PM
im not so impressed to be honest...

intels already do better than that, albeit at a higher clock, but at least its available

07-10-03, 02:17 PM
AMD really should grow some balls and release a 3Ghz CPU to stomp everything Intel has. You know they could do it... but they just rely on "more work per cycle" than actually making more cycles.... efficiency is good, but obviously, it doesnt have as much raw power as far as high-end CPUs go.

07-10-03, 02:56 PM
I don't know how much the hardware tested represents the final product but is it does Intel could easily beat it by releasing a northwood 3.4GHz let alone a prescott 3.4Ghz!!:eek:

07-12-03, 08:19 AM
Remember that the 3.0GHz P4 system is 2-way SMT. Take a look at the 2.66GHz numbers for a fairer single processor comparison. Also remember that prescott is coming out on Intels .09 micron process and the Athlon 64 will debut on a .13 micron process and then move down to .09. For now, then, it is safe to pit it against Northwood in 32-bit apps.