View Full Version : HELP! What Detonator drivers do I use?

07-11-03, 06:44 PM

Just got my new card and I have absolutely no idea what detonator drivers I should be using! I have noticed so many versions out there and I'm confussed! :(

Why so many drivers? On the NVIDIA site there drivers seem to be a different version to that of the ones here?

So if anyone can help me with a good recommendation that would be much appreciated. :)



The Baron
07-11-03, 07:06 PM
You could try 44.90 if you're feeling lucky. :p

07-11-03, 07:36 PM
I would prefer not too after a read!! ;0

What would be the next best driver and how can you tell which ones work best?



07-13-03, 01:40 AM
Just grab the latest official driver from nVidia's web site. They're obviously confident that that driver is stable. It may not perform as well as some new beta or other, but it will work.

If you do encounter problems that are genuinely driver related, try a leaked driver, or a beta. I don't recall any leaked drivers that actually caused data loss (or other sever probs) on a computer, but don't trust my memory. Some of the 'leaked' drivers are merely reference drivers released by one of the board manufacturers, not nVidia itself. They provide more driver versions to their hardware vendors who obviously have the right to publicly release (some of) them as they see fit. Drivers rated 'WHQL' should give you confidence that they are certified to run with windows, but really it just means they have passed microsofts check list (what ever that is).

Latest official driver is v44.03