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07-12-03, 02:46 PM
Since several months, I'm after a good 15" LCD. My wallet (plus common sense) doesn't let me buy a 17" one.
The best offers I got were of KTC or Proview LCDs, which I wouldn't like to have. Then I got a special offer for a ViewSonic VE150, but it's 30ms... not ideal for games. :( Furthermore, it's a bit hard to get this one, because it's through a friend's job (coughM$cough) and there are some burocratical difficulties.
Now I found this offer... a Hyundai LCD 15" Q15. It seems to be a very good monitor, but there is no official response time value! Only I found in a german (I think) site the value of 25ms in one place and 20 ms in another place. Anyway, even if it were 30 ms, it would be easier to get than the ViewSonic (a bit more expensive also than through my friend, but still much cheaper than the average price in the shops).
I've read Tom's review of Hyundai Q17 and it seems to be a good monitor, although with some amazing OSD problems (can the brightness thing be real?).

So, summarizing... what do you think of Hyundai's LCDs? Did you see this particular model working?

07-18-03, 10:49 PM
Nobody replied!!! :( :cry:

Well, it doesn't matter.... I just bought it!!!
I bought the Hyundai Q15 (15"), at a good price (for my country :( ), and I have to say I'm VERY happy!!!!

Very good quality, sharpness, brightness... and absolutely no remanency problems so far!! I tested UT2003 and some other games, and didn't notice absolutely ANYTHING that could bother even a bit!! My eyes are HAPPY now!!!! :)
And what's even better: the image size is extremely similar to the one I got with the ViewSonic E773 17"!

This is the monitor:



07-19-03, 03:23 AM
Glad to hear you like it! I would have responded, but all I know about Hyundai LCDs is what I read in the Tom's article, which you also read. :)