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07-13-03, 06:07 PM
I'm looking for a card to hold me over until the R420/NV40 come out, as I can't handle the R128 in my K7D-L for the next 6 months... I've considered another 8500/9100, but can't find any I'm terribly thrilled with, so I'm now looking @ new/refurbished GF4Tis...

Basically, I'm willing to cough up $125, $130... MAYBE $140 (all before tax & shipping) and I want something that's fast. Therefore, I'm looking primarily at stuff that's going to overclock extremely well... The problem is that I've never looked @ "budget" graphics cards... I've always just gone with the top of the line @ the time. Except I now have a 2nd system, and I don't really want to spend $500 on it, for a card that's not that much faster than the 8500 in my other system (it does 12000+ in 3dmark2001se, and it's fast enough for everything I run right now)...

So, the question is, what ti4x00 cards overclock the best?

07-13-03, 06:19 PM
Originally posted by Geeky1
So, the question is, what ti4x00 cards overclock the best?

Dunno about clocking, but ti4200 seems to have the best perf/price ratio. Its only fault is it doesn't have FP shader support, but neither do R200 cards - and ti4200 is certainly better than them. (Except for the 2D quality, it should be a little blurrier than Radeons, but nothing to be afraid of...) I think the ti4400 and ti4600 are considerably more expensive.

BTW, have you considered R9600 vanilla? It costs around 130 here, so it should be about same in dollars. It's not very fast compared to ti4200 but costs more, though.

07-13-03, 06:22 PM
R9600np is not bad.

07-13-03, 06:29 PM
Yea, I've looked @ ATi... if you haven't seen/couldn't tell by my sig... I tend to prefer ATi anyhow :D BUT, the 8500 is essentially gone from the face of the earth, except for the 8500LE, and I don't have a great deal of faith in it's overclocking potential. 275/275 MAYBE. 320/295 (what my non-LE BBA 8500 runs) is probably out of the question. The Visiontek 9100 is 250/250, and probably won't do much more than 275/275 either. The other 9100s are all clocked lower than that, and the 9000/9200 are no good... The 9600 is simply a joke. It's like the FX5200- neither is worth the box they come in. A 9500, however, is certainly a possibility. There any Ti4200s floating around with BGA 2.8ns ram?

07-13-03, 06:57 PM
Get a good Ti4200 for under $100. When HL2 comes out, suffer the lower quality for a few months, then buy one of the next-gen cards and be blown away. :)

Edit: Uhh, I just stated the obvious hehe. Sorry!

07-13-03, 07:29 PM
I am parting my Visiontek Geforce ti4400 with OCZ BGA Ramsinks tommorow(i do 680 easy) for a ATi Radeon 9800 pro. Im willing to sell it for 110 shipped. Gimme an email if your intersted.


the OCZ sinks are at Xoxide for 12.99 a pair, the geforce needed 2 pair, so thats like 24 bucks in ramsinks.


07-13-03, 08:02 PM
go here:


a massive list of ti4200s. if you scroll down the list, the best 4200 out there is probably the asus v8420, with 3.3ns bga ram. they don't make ti4200s with faster ram. it's slightly above ur price range tho, so i would also suggest the gainward 3.6ns 128meg card with vivo that's about 130 bucks on the list.

i personally have the xfx 4200 with vivo (they don't carry them anymore). it oc's remarkably well for a card with 4ns ram...i keep it at 300/560 up from 250/444.

but cocaznrebel's card is awesome for the price. i would recommend that, but if you're more comfortable buying new than used, the cards i mentioned above are awesome too.

07-14-03, 05:44 AM

some refurbished TI4200 128DDR cards for around $100us, some excellent deals. They have other brands too, I just click the Leadtek ones from the choices

07-14-03, 08:05 PM
Originally posted by Geeky1
The 9600 is simply a joke. It's like the FX5200- neither is worth the box they come in.

Well you're right. The r9600 at stock speeds is nothing to get excited about. However, AFAIK it overclocks very well, making it a great value card if you plan to overclock.