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02-18-10, 01:13 PM
2K Games, a publishing label of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc, today announced that Sid Meier's Civilization V, the newest entry from the genre-defining strategy-based franchise, is currently in development at Firaxis Games for PC. Civilization V reinvigorates the classic turn-based strategy genre with an astonishing new engine built from the ground-up for this flagship edition of the Civilization franchise. Players are introduced to an entirely new combat system, deeper diplomatic interactions and a cavalcade of expanded features that deliver a fully immersive experience providing hours of entertainment as players build and defend their empire on their quest to become the greatest ruler the world has ever known.
Civilization V takes this definitive strategy game series in new directions with the introduction of hexagon tiles allowing for deeper strategy, more realistic gameplay and stunning organic landscapes for players to explore as they expand their empire. The brand new engine orchestrates a spectacular visual experience that brings players closer to the Civ experience than ever, featuring fully animated leaders interacting with players from a screen-filling diplomatic scene and speaking in their native language for the first time. Wars between empires feel massive as armies dominate the landscape, and combat is more exciting and intense than ever before. The addition of ranged bombardment allows players to fire weapons from behind the front lines, challenging players to develop clever new strategies to guarantee victory on the battlefield. In addition to the new gameplay features debuting in Civilization V, an extensive suite of community, modding and multiplayer elements will also make an appearance.

"Sid Meier's Civilization franchise has been recognized as one of the greatest PC game franchises of all time with millions of units sold worldwide," said Christoph Hartmann, president of 2K. "Civilization V takes the franchise further by offering players a more immersive experience with deeper strategies; heightened tactical combat; vast, realistic landscapes to explore, battle over and claim as their own; and an in-game community hub where Civ fans can share content and compete against each other without leaving the game. This marks a new era that will forever change the franchise responsible for sleep deprivation and reduced productivity for nearly two decades."

"Each new version of Civilization presents exciting challenges for our team," said Sid Meier, director of creative development at Firaxis Games. "Thankfully, ideas on how to bring new and fun experiences to Civ players never seem to stop flowing. From fully animated leaders and realistic landscapes, new combat tactics, expanded diplomacy and shared mods, we're excited for players to see the new vision our team at Firaxis has brought to the series."

In addition to Civilization V, Firaxis Games is also currently developing Sid Meier's Civilization Network, a Civ game for Facebook. With Sid Meier leading design, Civilization Network will offer yet another option for world domination to both the casual gamer and the biggest fans of the series. It's another way to access the famously addictive world of Civilization.


Believable World: More than just a strategy game -- the expanded visuals and immersive audio invite would-be kings to take up the reigns of power and forge a mighty empire. Civilization V offers a limitless variety of vast, realistic and diverse landscapes for players to explore, battle over and claim as their own.

Inviting Presentation: An intuitive interface eases both new players and Civ veterans into the game. Guided by a set of trusted advisors who will explain game functionality and provide counsel for significant decisions, even first-time players will be confident in the choices they make.

Huge Battles: Combat is more exciting and engaging than ever before. Wars between empires feel massive with armies spreading across the landscape. The addition of ranged bombardment allows players to fire weapons from behind the front lines, challenging players to develop clever new strategies to guarantee victory on the battlefield.

Live History: Write your own epic story each time you play! Choose one of eighteen historical civilizations to lead from the stone-age to the space age on your quest to build the world’s most powerful empire.

Improved Diplomacy: Negotiate with some of history’s most cunning rulers, each with a well-crafted plan for victory. Successful diplomacy will depend on players carefully managing relationships with other leaders, trading items and land, plying them with gold, and deciding if they are friend or foe. City States will present a new diplomatic battleground on which the major powers of the world will vie for supremacy.

In-Game Community Hub: Compete with Civ players from all over the globe via the Internet and Play by Email, or compete locally in Hotseat and LAN matches, offering endless ways to rule the world. The game itself now serves as the hub of community activity, featuring the ability to share scenarios, compare scores, brag about achievements and visit one of the thriving Civ fansites without leaving the game. It’s now easier than ever for players to become involved in the global Civ Community.

Modability: With unprecedented modding tools, players will have unlimited options for modifying Civilization V any way they like.


02-18-10, 01:36 PM
I've actually never played civilization. I should give it a try some time.

02-18-10, 01:41 PM
Where are the screenshots that were promised in the thread title nekro :bleh:

I call shenanigans !!!

02-18-10, 01:42 PM
Very excited, best game series ever imo.


02-18-10, 02:07 PM
I've actually never played civilization. I should give it a try some time.

You need to.

02-18-10, 05:03 PM
Is it PC only? last Civ on consoles was so fking lame and casual :/

02-18-10, 05:12 PM
I've actually never played civilization. I should give it a try some time.

its boring and complicated. Its like playing a wall o text. never liked civ imo

02-18-10, 05:14 PM
It's turn-based strategy... requires more than a 5-minute attention span. :D

02-18-10, 05:48 PM
Civ4 took a lot of my life and this will too. Can't wait!

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02-18-10, 07:59 PM
I put alot of time into Civ 4 but I have to say I never really quite understood what impact some actions had. I always felt like there was a depth to the game that I didn't quite appreciate. Alot of the mid game seems to be nothing more than going through the motions. The combat system was stupid... 3 units of stone age spear men could often take down a tank unit, which is just retarded.

Total War games have a far superior combat system with the real time element, unless you're a turn based purist.

02-18-10, 08:09 PM
The CIV series is certainly not for everyone, I myself have played CIV 3 and 4, I liked CIV 4 but it's very demanding in terms of multi-tasking, and I'm not referring to computer hardware here, I'm referring to us the players, it's turn-based so we need to think about everything in our growing empire each and every single turn, or else just one little thing you forgot about will inevitably have repercussions for dozens of turns to follow, and they're usually negative ones, and you end up re-starting the campaign again, that's how it went for me anyway.

To be honest I don't think I'll bother with CIV 5, it really is a huge time sink.

02-18-10, 09:00 PM
It's turn-based strategy... requires more than a 5-minute attention span. :D

something consolers lack

02-18-10, 09:07 PM
I've actually never played civilization. I should give it a try some time.

I played the very first one in either in 1992 or 1993..while in college. I missed a few days lectures because I found it so addictive :p

I will be looking forward this installment of the series having missed out for a few years and prior versions :)

Mr. Hunt
02-18-10, 09:15 PM
Awesome... been a fan of the Civ series for a while now, and those graphics look great for what I am use to on Civ games lol.

02-19-10, 08:05 AM
civ 4 took about 16 hours of my life at the last lan party i went to. amazing multiplayer game. amazing single player game. great game.

civ is like chess and rise of nations/age of empires is like checkers

02-19-10, 08:37 AM
I loved Civ 4, and it looks like this one is going to be even better. I can't wait to see it in action! :)

02-19-10, 07:54 PM
I have played every single CIV game (including the ones Activision made) :) Still play CIV 4 from time to time. Can't wait for this one!

06-12-10, 08:17 PM

September 21.

06-12-10, 10:53 PM
Never got into this game but it's right up my alley. Might have to check it out. Is it lie simcity/building at all or mor starcraft?

06-12-10, 10:58 PM
It's has heavy military elements, but it's not RTS. Turn-based battles, lots of city-building, diplomacy, trade, tech, etc.

06-14-10, 07:41 PM
This is really going to kill my social life and workout habits for a month or so after it comes out... lol. Looks awesome :)