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02-19-10, 01:05 PM
See U guys in there.

Futuremark Games Studio's zero-gravity spaceborne PC shooter Shattered Horizon will be playable by all for free over the coming weekend.

Set around the remnants of a broken Moon and battered International Space Station, Shattered Horizon boasts multiplayer zero-g combat with up to 32 players. The DirectX 10-powered shooter recently received a jolt of new maps in its 'Moonrise' update.

The free weekend begins at 7pm EST today and will run until 4pm EST on Sunday. Players can download the client through Steam

02-19-10, 04:20 PM
Downloading now :)

Mr. Hunt
02-19-10, 04:23 PM
nekro was nice enough to let me try this out a few weeks back... I found it to be very poor. I just did not like the game at all. Hopefully you guys will enjoy it more than I did though.

02-19-10, 04:31 PM
Yea I have this game. It sucks. :)

02-19-10, 04:37 PM
Seems it's a marmite game :lol:

bob saget
02-19-10, 09:34 PM
Yea I have this game. It sucks. :)

dont know why that made me :lol:, maybe cause the smiley.