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02-20-10, 07:54 AM
Surprised there's no thread here for this game so I've decided to make as I think it derserves to have one :)

I've picked up the game and I know it's not the best game ever made but the experiance you have when playing as a predator and alien just has to be experianced IMO.

Major let down for this game is the graphics engine and some level design issues. If they had spent more time on these things it could have been spectacular. As it stands it's good but not great which is a shame!

Online is really good fun in all honesty. Infestation is one of my fave modes. One person out the list of people playing will start off as an alien and the rest play as marines. Once one marine is taken out that player becomes an alien and carrys on like that until all the marines are taken out. It's good fun.

Please post your thoughts if you have picked up this title.

I wounder now if we will ever see Colonial Marines as that game could be great.

02-20-10, 08:11 AM
I played it on my friend 360. It was smooth and played nice. (I tried out Marine campaign).

I don't think there was aa applied but it wasnt all that noticable. no slowdowns or whatsoever.

But I have some complaints as far:
-Character movement was very stiff. Its kinda like a hovering. But I got used ti it quickly.
-Is there an option to turn that crappy autoaim off?
-And voice acting is terrible! At least in first marine stage. The girl acting is terrible!

02-20-10, 09:13 AM
According to IGN the graphics look a LOT better on PC, which makes sense since every review complains about them but I thought they looked pretty dang good (on PC).

And I know nekro will be irritated, but really we can keep cross-platform game threads in general gaming. The only games with threads in the console section should be console exclusives.

02-20-10, 11:32 AM
yep. Multiplatform can be in general. good idea. But here is more than year old u2 topic :( only