View Full Version : 8800 GTX runing too high!!!

02-22-10, 06:08 PM
first im sorry for my english...im not from around...
my card gettin too hight temperature while playing game.
right now my temp is:

Field Value
Sensor Properties
Sensor Type ITE IT8718F (ISA 290h)
GPU Sensor Type Analog Devices ADT7473 (NV-I2C 2Eh)
Motherboard Name Gigabyte G31 / G33 / P31 / P35 / X38 Series
Chassis Intrusion Detected Yes

Motherboard 48 C (118 F)
CPU 31 C (88 F)
CPU #1 / Core #1 40 C (104 F)
CPU #1 / Core #2 35 C (95 F)
CPU #1 / Core #3 36 C (97 F)
CPU #1 / Core #4 40 C (104 F)
GPU 58 C (136 F)
GPU Diode 65 C (149 F)
GPU Ambient 49 C (120 F)
Seagate ST3500630AS 38 C (100 F)

Cooling Fans
CPU 1337 RPM
Fan #4 1090 RPM
GPU 3170 RPM (100%)

Voltage Values
CPU Core 1.15 V
+3.3 V 3.38 V
+12 V 12.25 V
+5 V Standby 5.16 V
VBAT Battery 3.28 V
DIMM 1.89 V
GPU Vcc 3.34 V

now i got chieftec 650w
but when im playing my 8800 temp runing on 90-110
and im startin to get some dots on my screen
i cleaned my computer and the 8800 too.
and i used the riva tuner but its not help.
any suggestions?

02-22-10, 07:03 PM
Have you cleaned out the fan and cooling fins?

02-23-10, 07:34 AM
yes i did it...its not helping...what alse i can do??

02-23-10, 08:58 AM
Maybe take the cooler off and re-apply the thermal paste. It's a bit of a pain but if it's never been done it'll be due for a change.

Do you have good air flow through the case?

02-23-10, 11:13 AM
yes i removed the right door
can u explain it to me how to do it?

02-23-10, 12:59 PM
Sounds like your 8800GTX is coming towards the end of its life...How long have you had it?

I only ask cause if it is new then we can rule out that your problem is due to old age (3 years or more for those cards).

03-05-10, 06:55 PM
Download the latest nvidia drivers. There was a newer set of drivers that was causing cards to burn up, they retracted those drivers. Don't use them. Use whatever nvidia has posted up today.