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02-23-10, 12:04 PM


How do you actually play these, is there skill involved?

Meanwhile, Zynga will be among the developers continuing to change how people look at video gaming. It's a change that Steinberg, the gaming guru, says will be for the better.

While heavyweights like Electronic Arts and the popular Civilization series are making inroads into social gaming, Steinberg said, the genre is also opening up opportunities for smaller developers. "We're seeing, in many ways, a second renaissance for games," Steinberg said.

"There's been an epiphany among the developer community saying, 'Look at these millions of users that we've forgotten to speak to for years.' This can only be a good thing for the gaming industry in the end."

02-23-10, 02:18 PM
I'm sure there is some skill needed, but it surprises me how much time people put into these games.

I work from 7am-3pm, I come home, go for a swim/surf, play some games, watch tv, then probably go to bed.

My work colleges, come home, get on Facebook, chat and play these games until midnight when they nod off in front of the PC.

02-23-10, 02:59 PM
hehe, didn't notice this at first...

Expert says social gaming succeeds by appealing to women, other non-traditional gamers

Zynga founder says key to success was games that can be played during conference call

02-24-10, 01:01 PM
i could never understand the appeal

when i have proper games to play

02-24-10, 01:28 PM
Never played it (as in FarmVille), but have tons of friends who actually do. Instead, I opted to play Mafia Wars for some time, until I got tired of Facebook and wiped everything.

02-24-10, 05:07 PM
If you are at work, play text adventure games. Just. Try. One.

I know they are mega old school and many of you have never ever played one, ever, but some of them are ****ing awesome.

Like novels but interactive, plus they don't look like games.

02-24-10, 09:50 PM
It's not that I don't hate them or love them...

It's I CAN'T STAND IT for each and every game to notify every little details in the person's friends' list!

Seriously...I have like 20+ friends on FB, and 18 friends will have like 256 messages on YOUR wall!