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07-14-03, 11:45 PM
I went to Windows Update (XP) and it said there was a new driver. It's the Nvidia one, I think its called I downloaded it through windows update and then it began to install. Remembering what happened last time I installed an Nvidia driver without first disabling Anti-Virus, I pressed cancel. Then I got a message saying I have to restart my computer. I clicked the option to do it later and then went to the Nvidia website and downloaded the driver again (I wasnt sure if it had installed or not). I disabled my Anti-Virus and when it began to install I got a message saying the driver wasnt signed by Windows or something and I should cancel the installation. I pressed cancel and the status bar went full and said Installation complete anyway. I restarted the computer to find an Nvidia item in the system tray, with various options that could be changed (this wasnt there before). I went to Device Manger and it says my driver is the one I downloaded.
So, was the new driver installed successfully or not??? :confused:

EDIT: oops posted in teh wrong forum :o

07-15-03, 12:42 AM
Probably not. The Nvidia software was probably installed (hence the new options etc.) but the drivers werent.

Just ignore the Microsoft signature crap. Basicly its telling you that Microsoft hasnt specificly looked at this driver and said that it works. Most of the drivers on the Windows disk ARE NOT SIGNED BY MICROSOFT. If there was a way to disable this message, wed all be better off :rolleyes:

Just reinstall the drivers using the same isntaller you did before. And never worry about that "error" its just BS. Just say "OK" or "proceed" and all will be fine.

07-15-03, 12:50 AM
Thanks, it worked. Should be installed properly now :)