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07-15-03, 06:55 AM
Yes bah I say!! I need another hardrive soon (running out of space quickly) and joy of joys I have no more space. Can someone suggest a good ide card to slap in my rig for some more space?:cool:

07-15-03, 07:25 AM
Do you want an IDE RAID controller or just a simple two channel card? Either way, anything by Promise or HighPoint should work just fine. I know Promise cards have received good reviews, and I've used HighPoint's RAID controllers on my motherboards with no problems.

07-15-03, 10:04 AM
Promise Ultra100 TX2 user here :) Been very satisfied with the card :D

The Baron
07-15-03, 10:35 AM
Had a Promise Ultra66 a while back... :p

07-15-03, 11:54 AM
If you have a CD Burner, save some money and just put your unused files on disks. Thats what I do. I have probably 4 gigs of backups on CDs (and another 2.5gigs on the old Gateway) so I only ever have like 15-20 gigs used on my 60gig hard drive.

Most people dont use the entire contents of their hardrive every day, so I think CDRs\CDRWs are the best way to go.

07-15-03, 12:22 PM
Primise has always worked for me.

07-15-03, 03:48 PM
Another Promise user here. 133 TX2. Works fine using the latest drivers.