View Full Version : AT&T Hardware And Linksys Routers

Mr Bigman
03-05-10, 12:21 AM
I have a few clients who use the speedstream modems from at&T witht he 4 green lights on them and they don't like Linksys routers at all.

I done setups with them and i can get them to work but once you aquire an ip from the modem it works for a few seconds than drops out but says it connected so i disconnect and reconndect gets web backup and drops again.

This is been a problem for years so what causes it and whats a good setting to stay conected with the old modems?

03-05-10, 12:39 PM
Depending on which version of the speedstream and Linksys they have, you have several options.

1) If the modem includes the PPPoE client (modem can connect on its own and keep login/password), do this and let the modem pass the IP directly to the router. Then the modem keeps the connection and just give the IP to the router.

2) If this is an older one (need external PPPoE), you can try to update the Linksys firmware or even upgrade it using DD-wrt. One of the main reason of router disconnection is too many open connections (for P2P software, for example). This saturates the routers and lock them up.

Personally, I have a few speedstream and I've used them with ASUS and Linksys routers, both standard and DD-WRT firmware without problems.