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03-06-10, 11:57 PM
So I got a second SSD drive for RAID0:)

Unfortunately my mobo doesn't have an onboard controller so I'm looking for a decent one that will get the job done. Any suggestions?

03-07-10, 06:25 AM
Or alternatively, consider doing Raid in software, which looks doable around here (http://www.alanjlee.com/blog/a-few-notes-on-windows-7-software-raid/) (I haven't tested it myself, and don't know if that preserve the TRIM command or not - you'll want to check it before doing it with SSDs)...

Edit: By the way, if you're doing Raid 0 in order to consolidate your discs into one logical drive, for instance to install more softwares, then you might also consider using links. Here's the script I use to store Office on my D: drive while keeping it seen in the standard "Program Files" folder on C:
File DoLinks.cmd

@pause Ready to create Link ?
mklink /J "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office" "D:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office"

03-07-10, 11:03 AM
To answer your question about controlers, I'm using a LSI-Logic 9260-8i (http://www.lsi.com/storage_home/products_home/internal_raid/megaraid_sas/6gb_s_value_line/sas9260-8i/index.html) for my 4xSSD Raid 0, and I am fully satisfied with it.

However I wouldn't recommend it (or any other raid board) with SSDs, unless you do understand the consequences on your drive's lifetime that writing without TRIM implies. I read from my raid 0 volume, but writes extremely rarely into it. That's because the TRIM command is issued correctly by Windows Seven, but is swallowed by the raid controler, so that it never reach the SSD drives. Therefore I prefer links for volumes over which I don't manully control every single write (and I don't with software that updates automatically).

Just my 2 cents... :)

03-07-10, 11:04 AM
If your drive supports Trim, think about going RAID again...
The next time I'll have to reformat, I'm definitely going back to single drives just to be able to use Trim...

That was one of the concerns I had since my drives do support Trim and I doubt any controllers will support it anytime soon. How big of a difference do you notice in your setup?