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03-08-10, 01:38 PM
This is the demo that I am playing, but I want to figure out how to fix this before I download the full game on my 1Mbit connection only to find that it's stuttering :(.

My problem:
Everytime I enter a new area, the game becomes a 15-20fps slideshow for a few seconds and then jumps back up to 60fps.
During these stutters, my HDD isn't being thrashed at all.
I even tried switching to the lowest details to check if I was running out of VRAM, but the stutters were present even with the lowest texture details.

The demo included a 'timing fix' for AMD processors, but I found out that that's just the Dual-Core Optimizer and I already have a much newer version of that already installed.

My PC:
Athlon 64 X2 4800+
GeForce 9800GT 512MB (195.62 drivers)

Nothing is overclocked.

03-08-10, 08:26 PM
Have you tried it in DX9?

bob saget
03-08-10, 08:46 PM
strange, it worked fine with my 8800GTS i had. Have you installed the latest DirectX Redists?

03-08-10, 09:03 PM
I can't offer any help, but I can say I had the exact same problem when I upgraded my CPU to a Phenom II X3 720 (paired with an 8800GT). The game had run just fine when I was still on an Athlon 64 3700+, and all other games run with no problems, so I couldn't understand what was wrong.

Actually, I think I recall finding a post on the Nvidia forums claiming that the stuttering was due to a driver problem, and that it was necessary to use older drivers for Bioshock. Never bothered acting on that, just uninstalled the game instead :o.

03-09-10, 12:32 AM
Try setting the power profile to performance and/or turn off all Cool and Quiet options in Windows or even better, the BIOS. Newer AMD CPUs seem to have an issue where they take a little longer to speed back up. I see this on my AMD HTPC. During a level load the CPU works less and slows down, back in the action it takes a little while to get back upto 100%.

I'm assuming when you say new area you mean level load? If you mean a new room, then you have a problem with the PC steaming the game assets. If that's the case, drivers are the most likely cause and you'll have to experiment. ::(:

03-09-10, 02:55 AM
^ Cool & Quiet is already disabled from the BIOS.

And I mean that it's stuttering when entering a new room, not loading a new map.
If it's a driver issue, which are some of the drivers that you guys know run BioShock perfectly?

At this point, I am thinking that the demo is way past its life expectancy and compatibility with newer drivers has been broken beyond recognition. And that the full version won't have these problems.

03-09-10, 04:40 AM
It's possible it's a demo issue. I'm using the 196.34 drivers. Just played Bioshock 1 from start to finish with 2x2 SSAA perfectly. Now playing Bioshock 2.

03-09-10, 05:20 AM
I hope :(.
Thanks all anyway.

03-09-10, 07:37 AM
its not a demo issue. I have the same problem. I'm seeing people with single-cores saying that they didn't have a problem until they upgraded to multi-core. Try disabling that "Threaded Optimization" for the Bioshock profile in the Nvidia Control Panel (for nvidia users).

03-09-10, 04:44 PM
^ Didn't work :(.