View Full Version : 66% off Hitman and Deus Ex series on Steam

03-08-10, 07:00 PM
16.98 For all the games :)

I can't believe I bought more games from steam ;)

03-08-10, 08:01 PM
I got hitman series.:D

03-08-10, 08:42 PM
good memories with the hitman series, I went ahead and bought the blood money one

03-08-10, 09:09 PM
why isn't there hitman contracts in steam? :(

edit: just found out the reason why it's not on steam because the copyright for the song in "Rendezvouz in Rotterdam" wasn't able to be renewed. that's too bad.

03-08-10, 09:14 PM
Such a stupid reason... not like they couldn't just remove it.

03-08-10, 09:25 PM
I thought too. Oh well, I'm going to wait until Hitman 5 comes out, by that time Hitman Contracts might become available. Same for Deus Ex collection when Deus Ex 3 comes out. Great deal though.

03-08-10, 10:49 PM
blood money is glitchy for me getting render bugs and glitches, and when i hold the left click to use fiberwire my fps goes to 10 or less from 60 with vsync, and fiberwire doesn't work like it should.

03-09-10, 12:25 AM
I'm so tempted to get this, but I have them all on disc. Maybe if the Steam version were updated to run on newer hardware, but they are just the same as patched disc ones.

03-09-10, 01:58 AM
wtb next instalment of hitman pst.