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03-10-10, 01:24 AM

I know its old but I just reminded this.

So they are basicly returning to voxels? well. I remember thah Outcast was best of voxels achievements and it was just great looking for its time,,,

03-10-10, 04:13 PM
That's not per se voxel rendering, but rather point-cloud rendering.

This is voxel rendering,

Basically, a voxel is defined in 3d space, and then points are given for mesh is interpolated from those points. We have similar features in 3d modeling applications like Zbrush, where you're working with Zbrush's "pixols" instead of transforming/rendering traditional triangles and not using a traditional hardware rendering, rasterized pipeline.

There are various geometric/data compression methods touted for "next gen" so we'll see what wins. ;)
For this past generation, it's been normal maps, displacement maps, etc. as a form geometric compression. Of course, this is all my opinion. :P
Here's some info for those interested, :)

03-10-10, 04:30 PM
this seems amazing... almost too amazing... will be fantastic if it it works with games in the real world.

03-10-10, 05:52 PM
I wonder if any more ID Tech 6 previews are going to show up at any -ahem - point?

They were talking about using this kind of technology for virtually unlimited static geometry detail alomost 2 years ago.

03-10-10, 06:57 PM
Well, I don't think we'll be seeing new console hardware for a while, mainly due to the economy, however, it is very interesting, and can be applied to the current generation of hardware.

03-11-10, 02:06 AM
To a limited extent.

03-11-10, 09:46 AM
This will still hit limitations with memory. There is a limit what you can effectively "search" through to get the points you need.

Also, this means that game designers will have to design the game for the largest possible resolution (e.g. 2560x1600) and then everyone will get a scaled version of that. Otherwise you will get repeated pixels and it could look like crap.