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03-14-10, 05:31 PM

Not sure if anyone has seen the magazine, but there is a pretty in-depth article in the most recent PSM UK about the upcoming Ghost Recon Future Soldier game (formerly Ghost Recon Predator). I would include the link to the website but they have scans (not too hard to find though).

Anyway, the game looks gorgeous, but the more I read about it, the more it confirms my fears about the game. They state that the game is still about using cover and moving as a unit, but is much faster paced. They say that action "mirrors the run-n-gun, wall hopping approach of Uncharted 2's battles (that likely won't sit too well with series fans). They actually say that the game may alienate those who liked the "tactical focus" of the GRAW games.

It's funny, but some of the things that people were joking about possibly being in the game are actually in there. Screenshots and info show a mech style vehicle, exoskeletons similar to Crysis, homing bullets that bend toward your enemy (I sh!t you not), and of course the much touted optical camo. They also confirmed a much heavier reliance on drones including ground drones that can attack and even hack electronics. New to the series is the addition of close quarters combat (Krav Maga style). They say overall the combat is much more in your face. No more picking off enemies from a distance here.

The plot revolves around a Russian coup bringing the enemy into power (not too orginal), and the game plays out in Europe (Norway and Russia have been confirmed). Sounds interesting at least. If your going to change the series, might as well go all out right?

03-14-10, 05:47 PM

Im gonna hold my impressions till I see the game but it doesn't sound very good.

03-14-10, 05:56 PM

The first Ghost Recon: Future Soldier details have arrived, via the latest issue of Official PlayStation Magazine, which is arriving in subscriber's hands right now.

"The soldier of the future is an F16 on legs," announces OPM's preview, which notes that because most of the fancy tech from the last Ghost Recon is now reality (UAVs, helmet HUDs) Ubisoft's having to push the series forward in Future Solider - and it has.

The next game takes place 10-15 years after Advanced Warfighter and has the Ghosts out to stop an ultranationalist group that's managed to depose the Russian president.

As the game name suggest, the Ghost team are now packing futuristic gear like stealth cloaks (as seen in the Ghost Recon: Future Soldier trailer), armoured ground drones and exo-skeleton legs (to carry more gear).

The latter in particular is a game changer, as it means the Ghosts are now more agile and can jump, roll and generally throw themselves around the battlefield. It also opens the window for close quarters combat, which you'll be seeing a lot of in Future Soldier.

4-Player drop in, drop out co-op is promised and controversially, no squad commands what-so-ever. Character classes also play a pivotal role in the new game, with players receiving specific, unique bonuses for their chosen role (optical camo for Recon, heart sensors for Snipers, shoulder mounted missiles for Commandos).

To read more details on Future Soldier - and see the first ever screenshots - buy the latest issue of Official Playstation Magazine online and get it delivered to your door. Subscribers have it in their hands from today, with the official on-sale date following on March 16.

lol wow

03-14-10, 06:08 PM
First R6, now this... Are there any tactical FPS's left now?

03-14-10, 06:26 PM
Wow... with the lack of stealth and auto-shooting in Splinter Cell Conviction and now this, Ubisoft really has no interest what-so-ever in doing anything but mainstream action gamer titles it seems.

This makes Rainbow Six Vegas sound tactical.

03-14-10, 06:51 PM
Im not a big fan of duck and cover games, im not a big fan of uncharted and i really doubt im gonna be a big fan of this.

03-14-10, 06:55 PM
I wish they would leave the ghost recon brand alone and just rename this game to Tom Clancy's Future Soldier.

03-15-10, 01:27 PM
Unfortunately not :thumbdwn: And it all started with one of the first Xbox Live hits back with Rainbow Six 3 (Raven Shield).

Wait are you saying Raven Shield on the PC wasn't tactical? That game as almost like the originals... I LOVED Raven Shield.

03-15-10, 02:05 PM
Hell no! I played the **** out of Raven Shield and before that Rogue Spear. Even participated in eSports leagues.
But that was the last good R6.
The "same" game also took off on the consoles and that was pretty much the turning point for the series... and the genre :(

Well sells control the direction of a series. Saddly yeah the game sold better on the consoles so they decided to take the direction which sold the best. If they would have made Vegas alittle slower without the whole hollywood feel it could have been great. It wasn't a bad game just not R6 Raven Shield quality (which btw was bug filled).

03-15-10, 03:32 PM
Well sells control the direction of a series. Saddly yeah the game sold better on the consoles so they decided to take the direction which sold the best.

Yup, this is the thing: they sold a tactical PC game and an action focused Xbox game at the same time and the console one sold more, a lot more, so that became their focus going forward.

Any one of us here would do the same in the same position.

03-15-10, 08:36 PM
Someone pinch me and wake me from this nightmare. :thumbdwn:

So yeah, I pray for SWAT5 now I guess.

03-15-10, 09:05 PM
Activision owns that now, so... yeah.

03-16-10, 10:27 AM
thank god there are still GRAW2 servers around.

Amen to that!