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03-14-10, 11:34 PM
Wow, Talk about ****ing over your customers. $15 bucks for 3 new maps and 2 rereleases... what total ****.


I hope the next Call of Duty game bombs, the series needs a hiatus. It's lost all its thunder and is selling by brand only.

03-14-10, 11:38 PM
Same price for pc?

03-14-10, 11:43 PM
The **** part is if you dont have this pack because maps are random you will get kicked from half the games you try to join.

03-14-10, 11:45 PM
Same price for pc?

Price of PC and PS3 versions are unknown due to it being exclusive to the X360 for the time being.

03-14-10, 11:48 PM
So is this the map pack that adds about 10 more hours to SP play? Didn't think so. Pass.

03-14-10, 11:54 PM
10 more hours? That's about 4 hours longer than it took me to beat the retail version of the game which cost me $45 more. :P

03-15-10, 12:00 AM
yet it will sell millions

03-15-10, 12:05 AM
The **** part is if you dont have this pack because maps are random you will get kicked from half the games you try to join.

If they're smart they will do what Gears of War 2 did and separate the game types based on whether or not you have the DLC. That way, players can choose to play DLC or not, and the players they are with are guaranteed to have it.

yet it will sell millions

Yep. Just think, if a fraction of the people who own the game buy the DLC, the company will make over $10 million.

03-15-10, 12:33 AM
I hope it fails. 3 maps for $15, what a joke!

03-15-10, 03:28 AM
are they completely new 3 maps? Isn't there suppose to be revamped maps of some of the classics from mw1?...If MW2 was a proper PC Port with Dedicated/Mod Support then those maps would have ended up properly done for free....

In the end...they do this because they can, and because console players will end up paying 4 it.

Not a chance this is going to sell very well on the PC, games almost dead after BFBC2 release.

So annoyed...i wish they ****ing release the god dam dedicated servers to it...Local Servers with 20-30ms ping beats the hell out of p2p 250-300 ping. AND NO NOT EVERYONE IN ****ING AUS CAN AFFORD BUSINESS LEVEL CONNECTION (This is for those in the USA)

The upload pings in australia are god awful to have p2p gaming, might be ok for RTS / MMO, but not for a FPS.

Mr. Hunt
03-15-10, 05:13 AM
I think it is 3 completely new maps, and then Crash and Overgrown from MW... and dang it those were my two favorite maps on MW1 :\.

03-15-10, 06:06 AM
I really like MW2 but I won't pay $15 for new maps. Heck, I won't pay anything for the new maps. Free or no sell IW.

03-15-10, 06:39 AM
Never played much of this series but it seems a new COD game comes out every 6 months. It just seems so stale to me.

03-15-10, 07:26 AM
I was too blind and rushed in and purchased MW2...There's no way on earth i am putting any more money into that game, IW can stick there DLC and there crappy FPS game were the sun don't shine.

Besides...im having way too much fun playing BFBC2 to bother about MWpoo.

03-15-10, 07:52 AM
I hope the almighty Penis of the Economy ****s Activision/IW as hard as it ****ed everyone else.

03-15-10, 08:50 AM
I got bored of the same maps over and over so decided not to play MW2 until new maps are out, at which point I'd continue levelling. Charging for maps is ridiculous, forget that, I'm having too much fun on BC2 anyway. Lets hope no one buys the extra maps, its the only way to send them a message they'll understand.

03-15-10, 09:51 AM
i think MW has become stale, and the reduction in PC capable content closes it too. infinity ward has fallen apart.

Battlefield is now the true war experience

03-15-10, 09:56 AM
Modern Warfare 2? Oh, you mean the game that comes up short. I've been playing Battlefield and have not looked back since it's been out.

03-15-10, 10:09 AM
I will probably buy this DLC. I play with friends on 360, and they will probably all get it as well, so w/e. But I am preoccupied with BC2 on PC :D

03-15-10, 11:16 AM
I hope it fails. 3 maps for $15, what a joke!

typical console player: "but dude, maps are totally awesoome, thay put much work in it"

03-15-10, 01:02 PM
As said, it will sell.

They could have sold me with more SpecOps maps, the only great part of MW2 if you ask me, but nope... just maps. Why bother designing new missions when some simple maps will sell millions at $15?

03-15-10, 01:55 PM
The saddest part is that people will still pay for it because there arent any custom maps available for download.

03-16-10, 12:55 PM
Lets hope the PC version of the map pack is cheaper....:o

03-16-10, 01:02 PM
Lets hope the PC version of the map pack is cheaper....:o

I hope they don't even release it on the PC...

03-16-10, 05:50 PM
Besides the infinite glitching cheats in MW2 this is another perfect reason for me to never play MW2 again. I'll stick with BFBC2.