View Full Version : Monitor driver question

03-19-10, 05:39 PM
I downloaded drivers for my 3007wfp-hc because I like the on-screen dialogue that pops up for the brightness and when I downloaded it I got these 4 files:


What do I do with these?

03-20-10, 02:28 AM
thats just an inf with an ICC color profile. Thats not going to give you what you're looking for. Generally you dont need monitor drivers at all b/c the graphics card will read the EDID info to know what it can/can't do. Also most monitors have the OSD built in, no drivers needed for that

I think your probably looking for keyboard drivers (assuming you're using a laptop) ;)

EDIT: If you want to install that, just right click on the inf file (since you cant tell which one it is because your hiding them, its the one thats labelled "Setup Information") and click install. But, like I said, it wont give you what you're looking for.