View Full Version : Anyone have any luck fixing new DA:O Crashing Bug (Minor Spoiler)

03-22-10, 04:17 PM
*** Minor Spoilers Below ***

Anyone experiencing the bug that started happening after the latest update? Since Awakenings came out, several key quests have a crash to desktop bug.

I will try to do this without spoiling too much of the content for those of you worried about spoilers, but for those of you experiencing this problem, the details will help clarify the issue, I think.

For me, in particular, when I fight the Sloth demon in the circle of mages quest (in the Fade) and it changes forms, I crash to desktop. At first, this happened ONLY when he changed the final time (after beating him after every shift in form), but now it happens everytime I end the conversation with him and start the fight.

I checked the support forums and see others with the issue, but have yet to see anything official from BioWare.

Anyone else having this issue or know of someone who does and knows how to fix it?

I tried verifying my Steam files. It always finds one or two that need correction, but that never seems to fix the problem.

Please help if you can as I can not progress anywhere past this major quest!

03-22-10, 08:42 PM
If your Steam verification finds issues like that I wonder if Steam screwed something up with the patch when converting it to Steam DRM format?

I have the retail edition, no crashes here, been playing it a lot recently.

03-29-10, 12:10 PM
OK - I fixed my problem.

I went to the save right before the battle that always caused me to crash.

I made three changes in the graphics options:

Details moved from Very High to High.
Turned anti-aliasing off.


Unchecked the Frame Buffer Effects checkbox.

Then I played out the battle and -- VOILA! -- I made it through with no issues.

Immediately after the battle was over, I saved, then changed all the graphics options back to what they were originally, and proceeded to play on through the rest of the game.

I have had no further issues and have played for about 8 hours past the point where I used to consistently crash.

Hope this helps someone.