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03-23-10, 01:53 PM
I got a 1TB drive from my folks for Christmas last year and I've been putting it to good use by backing my gaming rig daily, the entire C drive (OS, programs, documents, etc) and my Pictures stored on a storage drive. Unfortunately, my 1TB drive is filling up and I'm wanting to get some sort of an expanding backup for both my gaming rig and my wife's laptop.

First, I do want to backup my gaming rig daily. I would hate to just have pictures, documents, etc, but then have to reinstall all of my Steam content and games, then not have my saved games and things of that sort. In case of a disaster, I could easily get my system back up and running in no time.

Secondly, my wife's laptop data is very important and I want to be able to back her stuff up daily as well.

Finally, I eventually want to have a backup of my backups for redundancy. :headexplode:

What would be the best way to have everything backed up AND have those backup images backed up as well on a seperate device? Does anyone else have a setup like I'm asking about?

I've been looking at this today:


I could probably still use my current method of backups, but when my drive gets full, I can archive the backup images over to this NAS.

Any thoughts?

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03-24-10, 12:13 PM
Let's be honest, backup solutions are rather personal and very dependent of both your needs and your budget.

You can backup against downtime (RAID 1 or % are musts), against hardware failures (external drive backup is nice for that) and against theft/accidents (off-site backups are necessary for that).

It's easy to setup a redundant system that will satisfy all those requirements and software to go with it. The problem is cost.

What is your budget for that project? How much are you ready to pay for backups and security?

Personally, I went with both redundancy (RAID5) on my "server" and offsite backups (with Fabrik (http://www.fabrik.com/), an internet backup service). I accept that in case of a catastrophe, I will lose some data (those not on Fabrik), both those are usually easily replaceable (STEAM games, TV shows, non personal movies, system...).

The only information I am really interested in keeping are my pictures and video, as those cannot be replaced. Does it make sense in spending more on your backup solution than what a replacement would cost?

So, this is my opinion. I've heard great things about Windows Home Server, if you want to go that road. That adds a computer on your network with huge storage place that will backup your other computers regularly. You can then have external backups of that server with NAT/USB drives and eventually an external internet backup at $5/months for the essential. This would be a 3 tier approach, but quite expensive.

03-25-10, 05:28 AM
You can backup against downtime (RAID 1 or % are musts), against hardware failures (external drive backup is nice for that) and against theft/accidents (off-site backups are necessary for that).

Don't forget backups against human error. This is why I run nightly (incremental) backups. If I accidentally remove or replace a file, I can revert anything in my $HOME (which includes everything personal from e-mails to source, from IRC logs to application settings) and my photograph collection to any point in the past 14 months (which is the last time I purged some of the backups).

My backups are located on another computer (in my apartment) with RAID-1 disks. This should protect against failing hard drives, but not against failing PC-hardware. This setup is /cheap/ and serves me fairly well, but it does not protect againt accidents or theft (which is hardly a threat). Off-site backup space would be great...