View Full Version : Intel Core i7 975 Extreme Edition 3.33GHz 8M L3 Cache LGA1366 Desktop Processor

trivium nate
03-25-10, 09:08 PM
for only $95.14


in case it finally gets fixed

bob saget
03-25-10, 09:31 PM
good deal.

trivium nate
03-25-10, 09:38 PM

bob saget
03-25-10, 09:40 PM
no, just a mistake. if it's the actual amazon site, i dont think it would be a scam.

trivium nate
03-25-10, 09:42 PM
i wanna buy it idk im not going to though probably not much of an upgrade

bob saget
03-25-10, 09:45 PM
no dude it wont be for a hundred bucks. amazon will suffer a huge loss because of this if it was valid. In all likelihood they will cancel your order. some douchebag just made a pricing mistake.

trivium nate
03-25-10, 09:50 PM
yeah probably