View Full Version : The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom

03-26-10, 07:50 AM
I'm thinking this might be my next game. I'm tired of FPS for now, I Feel a strategy game. either this or supcom2. But then I think to myself, as fun and engrossing as these strategy games are, I'd be far better off in the long run sinking all that effort and time into something useful, like study...

03-26-10, 08:19 AM
Been looking into this, I got Majesty 2 and its awesome.

03-31-10, 02:03 AM
I truly enjoyed the last Settlers installment, so I am looking forward to Settlers 7. I am happy to hear they will be returning to a deeper economy management.

03-31-10, 04:53 AM
The last Settlers that I was playing was 4. A lot of things had changed but GOD DAMN! Yesterday I was playing for 6 hours without a pause. This game reall have potential.