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03-26-10, 07:00 PM
Apart from Supersonic Rocket Sled (http://physxinfo.com/news/1964/rocket-sled-dx11-and-physx-features-trailer/) demo all of you are probably familar already, for GF100 launch Nvidia has prepared another technical PhysX demo, called Raging Rapids Ride, with boat riding down a montain river ‚?? maybe not so impressive in graphics aspect, but with intensive and complex real-time fluid simulation.


It using PhysX SDK based objects with custom hybrid water simulation, utilizing both heightfield fluid solver and particle simulation.¬* Boat behaviour is a little choppy, escpecially when it collides with waterside surface, but water simulation looks very impressive.

Grid based shallow water flowing pass a terrain with high slope is automatically turned into particle waterfall, and than ‚?? back to heightfield water (thus, two different fluid solvers are used simultaneously).


Dynamic wakes are generated, as boat mover along the river. When solid objects impacts with water they generate waves, splashes and sprays.


Foams swirl and show off the vortices, as they are advected along the water‚??s velocity field.


Finally, scene includes some tearable cloth banners, sofbody based plants and floating logs (with properly calculated buoyancy).

Interesting detail ‚?? apart from fact that this demo is limited to Nvidia GPU only, it includes multi-threaded CPU implementation of all physics simulations (up to 8 threads can be used). However, even with sufficient load of all four cores for our C2Q 9400 CPU, average framerate is around 5-8 fps.


10-12 fps ‚?? on a single GTx 275. And ~30 ‚?? with dedicated GTX 260 GPU.

Sum: interesting demo, but mostly in terms of fluid simulation variety and complexity ‚?? graphics isn‚??t that impressive, boat and camera controls aren‚??t very friendly (when you are trying to control them).

But it‚??s good to see Heightfield Fluid solver in action finally ‚?? it was promised to be implemented into PhysX SDK for years. Keep your fingers crossed, as it may be already included in PhysX SDK 3.0.

We believe that Raging Rapids Ride demo is going to be available for public download soon enough.

More... (http://physxinfo.com/news/2522/nvidia-physx-demo-raging-rapids-ride/)