View Full Version : FRAPS loop recording mode finally here!

03-27-10, 09:32 AM

Fraps 3.2 brings a new feature for registered users - loop recording, constantly capture the previous 30 seconds of video.

To start the buffering press and hold the video capture hotkey for a second. The Fraps counter will turn pink to show that video is being buffered. When you want to save the action simply tap the capture hotkey and the recording will continue as normal (including the previous 30 seconds of footage).

Never miss a moment again.

Fraps, or it didn't happen!


- Added loop recording for registered users. Press and hold video capture hotkey to start 30 second buffer
- Added option to disable stereoscopic capture when running with NVIDIA 3DVision
- Major optimizations for recording from D3D10 & D3D11 games

Finally! I remember using an application called "Gamecam" when I played Battlefield 2 simply because of this feature missing. The only thing I'm missing now is a way to record at lower quality and consequently higher performance so it's viable in multiplayer games such as Bad Company 2 :)

03-27-10, 10:43 AM
What about framerates while buffering?

I'm wondering about this as well.

03-27-10, 10:44 AM
u kno...would be awesome if ati / nvidia included something on the gpu that can record gaming video without having a performance hit :O

03-27-10, 11:46 AM
Just tested, seems like the same performance hit as when recording normally. Makes sense since it does exactly the same thing, it just cuts away everything older than 30 seconds. I still miss the ability to record at lower resolutions though as it only have two options now: full and half, both impeding performance too much to use when just playing normally. The loop record feature would be perfect for a low quality / res recording mode. It won't be HD, but you'd capture all the good moments...