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03-27-10, 04:03 PM
Hello, Im unable to build a new rig so im looking for a good CPU upgrade. Right now im running
E6700 and looking to go up to one of these




My problem is im not the brightest when it comes to cpu's and 100% sure the three above is much better then what im running now, im just not sure what are different from the three and im not sure which one would be best for me.

Also im running a GTX 275 card and will i get more out of the card with a newer/better cpu or should i buy a new card as well ? them 5870 ATI cards looks pretty good? but then i wonder if a newer card would bog down the new cpu?

bob saget
03-27-10, 04:11 PM
GTX 275 and a Q9550 is a very good combination nowadays, and should last you quite some time for gaming.

03-27-10, 04:17 PM
I can vouch for the Q9550, though you can get them cheaper if you look around. I bought mine from a guy on the [H] forums who could get them dirt cheap. Cost me $175 last fall.

These chips overclock like crazy too with the right cooling. 4Ghz on air with very low temps = :thumbsup:

03-27-10, 04:21 PM
ok, the CPU im running now is capping my card correct?. I do not have enough money to build an I7 rig, and really do not want to pay money out for this build but yet i would like some more power/performance then what im getting now.Would you think a Q9550 would list two to three years?

03-27-10, 04:26 PM
Yeah, you will see a large improvement in multi-threaded games (Bad Company 2, Far Cry 2...), and if you overclock you'll see a large improvement in just about every game.

I really can't stress that enough: overclock that thing!

03-27-10, 04:34 PM
ok, im not much of an overclocker but ya,how hard is it to install them? looks kinda risky for me to try ....

03-27-10, 04:39 PM
Install what?

03-27-10, 04:42 PM
lol,installing the cpu,

me has fat fingers and do not have enough confidence in myself.

03-27-10, 05:20 PM
It's extremely easy my man. Just take your time :) It's very easy to mess up the pins in a 775 socket so just take it slow.

03-27-10, 09:35 PM
lol,installing the cpu,

me has fat fingers and do not have enough confidence in myself.

Its incredibly easy to install a CPU these days.

Intel heat sinks can be a little tricky since they have those horrid push-pins, but installing the CPU itself is a cinch.

03-27-10, 09:41 PM
Well im sold on this one

My biggest worry would be getting it installed and get proper amount of AC5 and making sure i can get the cooler back on.(Thermalright TRUE Black Ultra) and have no goof up's.
I most likely checkin out and take it to a local pc shop and pay them to do it for me. :)

03-27-10, 10:00 PM
With an after market cooler you'll have to take out the motherboard to put a new back-plate on it, so that is a bit more involved than just swapping out the heatsink.

You could probably do it if you watched a video tutorial online or something. I'd actually be a little worried about letting a PC repair shop do it since they may have never done anything other than install a stock heat stink which is very different. If there are any shops that you KNOW do modding and gaming upgrades rather than just basic repairs, take it to them. Otherwise, I recommend learning how to do it yourself.

Also, do the overclocking yourself. That CPU with that cooler will overclock extremely well as long as your motherboard and memory are up to the task.

03-27-10, 10:14 PM
talking about mobo, this is my board BOXD975XBX2KR. No i do not overclock, I have this cooler as i live in a "oven", Small room right off of the kitchen,and during the summer time it gets HOT!so that the reason i have that huge cooler and it does the job, Before i got the cooler the cpu idle temp was around 48-55 now it idle around 29-31 idle and under load it gets to 42 in the summer months,I took it to them to install the cooler and they did a good job so i have enough trust in them to do this job for me.and they are fair priced unlike them geek squad guys

bob saget
03-27-10, 10:22 PM
lol,installing the cpu,

me has fat fingers and do not have enough confidence in myself.

it can be tricky, and the i7 computer i built was my first "all alone" built. No one had confidence in me, and my parents thought I would burn the house down :lol:
Take it slow, ask questions, read articles, ask questions, and then ask some more questions. It is very hard to screw it up if you are slow and careful.
Oh, and did I mention ask questions if you are unsure about something? :)

bob saget
03-27-10, 10:24 PM
the TRUE is a little tricky to get installed, so be prepared to curse a few times, but it is not impossible. If you want to ask someone to do it for you, make sure they have experience, like captn said.

03-28-10, 08:19 PM
Dumb question ,but was told to ask so here it goes,

The Cpu im looking at getting will work with my motherboard correct?


I think it should but was told to ask,


Edit, After looking around at the Intel Site, guess that CPU and my old motherboard will not work,FSB!!@#@!

bob saget
03-29-10, 02:51 AM
yea, some older 775 motherboards do not support the newer core 2 quads.

Processors Supported:
Intel Pentium 4 Extreme Edition
Intel 05B
Intel LGA775 Pentium 4
Intel Pentium Extreme Edition
Intel Pentium D
Intel Core 2 Duo
Intel Core 2 Extreme

Try looking at a gigabyte (or other brand) P43, these support the new quads and can be had for less than $100.

03-29-10, 09:34 AM
ya i was not really wanting to have to buy a new board for just a new CPU, Might as well start saving and just buy a new board/cpu/ram and use everything else i can from the pc i have now. Most of the boards that would run a newer quad core runs on DDR3, well the ones i like does. So i guess its that time to just buy all new..

03-29-10, 07:25 PM
K, Would like feedback for this set/build



^ Ram

Will use my nic card,sound card,video card,hard drives,case,psu etc i have now