View Full Version : Stuck in Supreme COmmander

03-27-10, 04:03 PM
Yes i ma stuck at a mission where i am to construct three log range radars only problem is one palce wjhere i canīt pu the radr i can put it around but not at the spot i donīt know why it is the only spot i canīt build it on the other 2 are fine.
please help me i wanna play this before i go to SUPCOM 2

03-28-10, 07:45 AM
canīt anyone remember that mission where you take out cybran basr rescue a dude and take out the cybran commander?
and after those the radar building thing starts, and i canīt put one of those radars onn the spot due to the terrain and thus i canīt accomplish it.

how do i do to get that brackman dude discovered?

this is the first SUPCOM that came -07 i think havenīt have had time to get to play it now when i do i canīt accomplish this mission and thus iīm stuck

03-28-10, 06:18 PM
there must be heaps of walkthrough guides on the net for supcom1. Is there some "junk" mass on there that you need to "harvest"?

post a screen shot.