View Full Version : NVIDIA Quadro 400 PCI and Quadro 450 PCIeX16 driver conflicts?

03-27-10, 07:50 PM
It seems the old PCI (pre E and X designation) NVIDIA Quadro cards and PCIEx16 Quadro cards use different drivers. Trying to anticipate if there will be a problem/if it will be possible running PCI 400 and PCIeX16 450 in the same machine.

Can I install both the driver for the 400 PCI and the driver for the 450 PCIeX16 to run a 400 and 450 without problems?

OR will the driver for the 450 also handle the 400 without problems

Would also like to know if NVS 400 will run under Windows 7 - at some point I want the 64 bit when it is better supported.

What about conflicts with other brands? I have formed the impression that running NVIDIA and ATI (FireMV2200/2400) in the same machine is not doabale due to driver conflicts. Is his so, anyone have experience?