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07-17-03, 10:25 AM
Guys, I didn't complain about dx9 non-working on tnt2... it works ! but not all the features of course !
Yup warcraft3 , mohaa, and etc... works well on my tnt2 ( at 800*600, 32 bits colors, low low low details, no shadows ) I belive they run from 20 to about 35 frps... but hey thats about the same deal with n64 or ps one games, right ?

Now let's not forget that I had to overclock it from 125 to 140 mhz to make unreal tournament 2003 at about some reasonable frps...

So I really got to know whats wrong... Indeed I'm switching my tnt2 soon... until they anounce nv 40 or something... well 'till that time I'm gonna have fun overclocking my tnt2... 'till they release doom 3 or half life 2 :PPPPP

But I think I found out a way to still get the best of that driver... since it works well under open gl.

What I'm gonna do is reinstall the det 43.45 over it... will keeping the 44.03 files that aren't directly touched by the direct 3d ones... see what I mean ?

So I gotta know what are these files ?

Thank you very much !!!

07-17-03, 06:45 PM
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