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04-03-10, 02:33 PM
Allright. After Metro2033(fantastic) I got my hands on this. Friend who was lending it to me said "Do not scratch the disc or I will kill You to death" - he likes and recommends Halo3 much.

I started it yesterday. Played for like hour and now I am thinking... WTH?! This game is generic shooter with lame shooting mechanics, medicore graphics(no aa:headexplode:), medicore voice acting etc etc. It seems to be one big generic medicore, with excelent music though so far.

Am I missing something? Its quite fun and overall.. simple entertainment, but I don't feel like I am playing something mega hyped with millions of fanboys.

I played Halo and Halo2 on pc. Don't remember a much about plot.
Maybe I can ask You for quick recollect of plot in a nutshell?

04-04-10, 11:11 PM


Humans get a hang of space travel and meet an alliance of alien races calling themselves the covenant who are a bunch of religious freaks that follow the sayings of the 'The prophets' who tell them that an ancient race of super-advanced beings ('Forerunners') were gods.

Humanity starts the Spartan project as a means to create genetically altered supersoldiers to combat the Convenant.

Covenant attacks Planet Reach, were spartan project is located. (this is the beginning of Halo 1).

In an attempt to escape the attack, the Human space vessel Pilar Of Autumn executes an un-plotted hyperspace jump, which lands them in the middle of nowhere, but they come across a misterious 'ring-shaped' planet (Halo).

Pilar of Autumn comes under attack (I think) and crashes on Halo. Master Chief is tasked with finding out what the hell Halo is, and keep it from the Covenant's hands.

Long story short, Halo is one of several devices designed to destroy all intelligent life in the galaxy. It was created as a last-resort weapon against The Flood - a parasitic creature that can infect all living creatures.

Master chief manages to destroy Halo before it's activated by blowing up the reactor core on the Pilar of Autumn, and returns to Earth.

**Begin Halo 2**

I don't recall much of what follows, so here you go:


04-05-10, 02:01 AM
Wow thanks. That sums it all up nicely. But how the hell Ring of grass is a weapon?! And why is chief so after Cortana. isnt she a AI?

Mr. Hunt
04-05-10, 02:49 AM
Halo games had a plot? HOLY F. Guess I rented a bad disc when I rented the original forever ago, or when I borrowed a friends copy of 3 when it came out. I have terrible luck with Halo discs I guess.

04-05-10, 08:24 AM
Wow thanks. That sums it all up nicely. But how the hell Ring of grass is a weapon?!

Think of it more like a ring-shaped space station rather than a ring of grass.

And why is chief so after Cortana. isnt she a AI?

They have mad cyber sex. :p

Cortana is left behind in the Covenant's super space station (High Charity) when the flood take over it. Master Chief promised her he would come back for her, and does so at some point of Halo 3.

04-05-10, 10:06 AM
Wow thanks. That sums it all up nicely. But how the hell Ring of grass is a weapon?! And why is chief so after Cortana. isnt she a AI?

Dude, have you SEEN Cortana?

She's hawt :captnkill:


04-07-10, 09:19 PM
Wow thanks. That sums it all up nicely. But how the hell Ring of grass is a weapon?! And why is chief so after Cortana. isnt she a AI?

The wikipedia entry describes the story better http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halo_%28series%29

06-26-10, 06:13 PM
Did not wanted to create another Halo topic but... How is ODST compared to halo3?Becouse Halo3 is just averange game to me. And with no aa!

06-26-10, 07:25 PM
Exactly how does AA factor into plot?

It has a decent plot, not spectacular or crappy but decent.

06-26-10, 07:32 PM
Heh. An AA junkie buys a 360. Oh the lols.

Halo has the feeling of a story made up as we went along. Like Lost and The Matrix :Reloaded/Revolutions. It's like they didn't expect to make a sequel, but they had to, so lets try and add a heap of backstory to make it super epic.

06-26-10, 09:23 PM
I would like to take a minute to derail this thread in order to discuss Halo from a Game Design point of view.

Why oh why is it such a "phenomenon"?
As stated by someone else, in the core of it, this is just another generic FPS, and it has been up until ODST (with a few exceptions).

Someone could flip this argument on me and say that, for instance, Crysis is also a generic FPS with really pretty graphics. Allow me to clarify: The Halo games are mostly composed of running around shooting aliens. Sure, you have different weapons and whatnot, but there are no other game mechanics to explore, other than driving around in a vehicle. Hell, you don't even need to AIM!

So why is it so popular? As I said, the story behind master chief, etc. is pretty cool (at least in my book), but that's not what sells a bajillion copies of the game. It's the multiplayer that has the world's 12-year-old, nerd-raging population going ape**** over this game.

My theory is that the "simpleness" of the game is what people love. You just run and gun your way through a gory mess of not even decent virtual gore. I must stop and correct myself however. Since Halo 3 (and now more prominent in the upcoming Halo:Reach) there have been some very slight new mechanics. In halo 3 it was those special granade items (bubble shield, booster, disruptor, etc.), which in Halo:reach can now be seen as the class powers.

Other than that, I must re-emphasize the fact that Halo is just a run and gun game.

Thoughts on the matter?

06-26-10, 09:35 PM
Halo has a plot?

06-26-10, 09:57 PM
Halo on Xbox, when it came out and the variety of things it offered, few if any other games offered that at the time.

The story of Halo 1 developed a cult-level of fandom and that continued into the sequels.

I don't think it's a classic in today's gaming environment, but it was pretty revolutionary for when it came out and it spanked any PS3 1st gen games plus most PC games (the vehicles, weapons, game-play inclusive of melee/nades/enemies/locales/music) was pretty awesome for a console.

The story has meandered a lot since the first game, but I still think the original was awesome and the third wasn't too bad. The 2nd one kind of had a few too many wtf moments.

06-26-10, 10:17 PM
Halo has had a plot, while it runs thin in spots the plot has been reasonably cohesive and with significantly more back story and depth than virtually every other game on the market. In addition to this the quality of each of the games has been consistent all the way through, unlike most games where the quality drops through the floor at certain points. Yes, it is true you can simply run through all the games with blinders on and shoot everything and completely ignore any semblance of story, but in today's market that makes the game better rather than worse.

In addition, Halo has been made by Bungie for years and like Apple they have a cult following.