View Full Version : FREEBSD8.0 195.22 BETA

04-06-10, 10:22 PM
As far as i know the only working driver for freebsd 8.0ps is the beta one that ships on the ports tree.

when running openGL application like flight gear or billardGL (no not a spelling mistake) after a period of time 1 to 5 minutes, my laptop will shutdown on emergancy due o overheat

this is not the case when running windows xp even on 3d mark tests,
if i were to guess a fault (WHICH COULD BE WRONG)

it seems that the code responsible for either throttling th cpu/gpu when tempreture gets critical is either defective or missing causing the gpu/cpu to runn at full speed till the hardware cuts the power of my core2 T7200 when it hits 100 degrees C

can i ask when is an update going to be available

no this is not a hardware fault as it works fine on other software. and no bsd site are reporting a problem with speedstep
...that i know of ..

thanks in advance for any assistance