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04-12-10, 09:20 PM
From the open call for authors:

After the tremendous success of the first seven entries to the ShaderX book series, and the upcoming success of the GPU Pro book (http://gpupro.blogspot.com/), we are looking for authors for GPU Pro 2. The upcoming book will cover advanced rendering techniques that run on the DirectX and/or OpenGL run-time or any other run-time with any language available. It will include topics on: Geometry Manipulation; Rendering Techniques; Handheld Devices Programming; Effects in Image Space; Shadows; 3D Engine Design; Graphics Related Tools; Environmental Effects and a dedicated section on mathematics used in graphics programming.

Proposals are due by May 17th, 2010. Please send them to wolf at shaderx.com. An example proposal, writing guidelines and a FAQ can be downloaded from http://gpupro2.blogspot.com/.

More... (http://gpgpu.org/2010/04/12/call-for-authors-gpu-pro-2)