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04-15-10, 11:42 AM
I am using a desktop Win 7 64-bit ... and I am trying to deiced which technology i should go with:

Homeplug or Wireless: My Desktop will only be moved another 30 feet with no real obstructions in between. But i don't want to sacrifice internet speed.

I am guessing the internal wireless cards are much more reliable and faster then those USB sticks.

Comcast only gives me 6mbps speed.

04-15-10, 12:46 PM
your internet speed is 6Mbps, wireless G is 54Mbps. It's doubtful your wireless would limit you.
Wireless N is even more and has better range.
USB or internal does not matter (USB has 480Mbps of available bandwidth, it will not limit you), the more important thing is your antenna and quality. Any wireless card (even thumb usb card) should work within 30 feet unobstructed.

04-15-10, 11:36 PM
Thanks Frenchy2k1.. can anyone recommend a good wireless card/device for Desktop?

04-16-10, 12:16 AM
Just got the Linksys WMP600N ... 29 bucks ... ebay..

04-16-10, 03:48 AM
If possible I would always go wired over wireless.