View Full Version : Trouble Outputting VGA From ThinkPad to Monitor

04-18-10, 09:25 AM
So without my gaming PC I frequently have the need to connect my Lenovo T61 to my Samsung T240HD. The problem is it wont work. The monitor wont recognize that their is a VGA input present.

Ive tried setting the laptop and monitor to both clone display and extended display with the monitor being primary or secondary in both (the laptop recognizes the monitor just fine) but nothing works.

I installed win7 on the laptop so I dont have all the garbage programs that come on these things on here. This could also be part of the problem (am i missing some driver? i have the intel gfx driver obviously and even got installed the monitors driver from samsung).

I feel like this shouldnt be a problem at all, and im probably missing something easy.

thanks in advance guys

04-18-10, 11:08 AM
2 things:

What video processor does your laptop have?

Are there any bent pins in the VGA cable? (that has happened to me before)

04-19-10, 02:46 PM
Make sure you have the lenovo keyboard shortcut software installed and try pushing fn + f7 to toggle the external display on and off.