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Kev Payne
07-18-03, 12:16 PM
How many of you guys Play Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games?

I played Everquest and Dark Age of Camelot for a while. But got tired of subscription fees.

07-18-03, 02:58 PM
Why isn't Eve Online in there? :)

It's the best of the MMORPG's at the moment, along with DAoC.

07-18-03, 03:16 PM
Shadowbane, anybody?

07-18-03, 05:34 PM
I don't pay to play...

07-18-03, 06:27 PM
DAoC here. I used to play EQ but Verant makes me sick. 16th Friar, 9th sorc, 9th cleric on Guenivere(sp?) Only been playiing about a month. Also have an 18th cleric on Pellinor.

07-18-03, 08:23 PM
where is the "none" option?:angel:

07-18-03, 08:41 PM
Originally posted by Matthyahuw
I don't pay to play...


And since when was Planetside an RPG?

07-19-03, 06:58 AM
Originally posted by Matthyahuw
I don't pay to play... same here

07-19-03, 07:04 AM
Originally posted by Matthyahuw
I don't pay to play...

thirded (in an online sense anyway)

07-19-03, 07:30 AM
New option:D

07-19-03, 04:26 PM
Maybe you should add an "other" option, since there's a bunch of other ones like Eve, Earth & Beyond, and Anarchy Online out there. Oh, and I think some PC magazine recently did a story on MMORPGs, and said that there were over a HUNDRED that are out now or planned to be released this year (which of course means half will be delayed to 2004 :rolleyes: ).

07-19-03, 08:34 PM
New option :D

07-20-03, 10:19 AM
Im waiting for World Of Warcraft
Blizzard + mmorpg = best rpg this world has ever seen :D

07-20-03, 03:24 PM
Gimme some Asheron's Call anyday, NOT THE SECOND ONE.....PLAYER DRIVEN ECONOMY BULL****!

07-21-03, 03:28 PM
I wanna know who the AC2 player is.... c'mon, confess!!!

(I'll forgive you if you're still only 30 mins into your free trial)

07-21-03, 11:58 PM
I dont pay to play ANY games.... MMORPG or not!


07-22-03, 01:32 AM
Originally posted by CaptNKILL
I dont pay to play ANY games.... MMORPG or not!


Is that really something to be proud of :(

07-22-03, 06:26 PM
Originally posted by StealthHawk
Is that really something to be proud of :(
It was a joke :D

Kev Payne
07-22-03, 06:44 PM
You know I stopped playing the "pay for plays" because we werent really getting anything in return...I mean....Everquest keeps churning out Expansion packs, but we have to Pay for those as well, at :

$10 bucks a month X 100,000 subscribers = $1,000,000 dollars.

So I know they aren't hurting for money. Plus its SONY, they have ALL kinds of cash. Its rediculous that they keep expecting us to pay more and more money for outdated crap. Maybe EQ2 will change some of that.

St Lobus
07-22-03, 06:49 PM
I'm the AC 2 player...I didn't realize it was taboo :)

Actually, I'm in the process of moving and getting married, so I'm not playing much of anything at the moment. But yeah, I'm the AC 2 guy. And dang it, I still have fun with it! :D

The only other MMORPG I've played was DAoC, and I couldn't really get into that. AC 2 was the second one I tried, and I've been enjoying it. When a better one comes around (World of Warcraft), AC 2 will be given the boot.

07-23-03, 04:19 AM
Asheron's Call
Dark Age of Camelot
Asheron's Call 2 ( for a very short period of time )
Anarchy Online

I've also have done a few betas. And I've tried out a few other mmorpgs like UO and PlanetSide.

-- jolt