View Full Version : How report a bug and get a fix?

04-28-10, 06:36 AM
I experienced a problem with my new FX380 LP + nvidia solaris driver 195.36.15.
I have two reasons to buy this card:
1. it is LowProfile
2. it has OS Solaris driver support

I like to use this card in SunFire servers X4140 (AMD opteron) and X4170 (INTEL xeon).
Unfortunately the card and its driver have a problem with Xorg server when loggingoff.
I tried different BIOS, OS and Xorg setings with no success.
Then I post the problem later on this forum:
No answer so far.

Is there any different direct way how to report the bug to nvidia (driver developer) and get a fix?
I like to participate to find a solution:
- providing remote access to the servers (OS, Ilom console)
- sending log, txt, ...

Thank you for any suggestion.
Regards V.

04-28-10, 12:31 PM
Sorry, I don't look into this forum as often as I should. If you post here and don't get a response very quickly, you might have better luck if you email linux-bugs@nvidia.com and attach a bug report log file.