View Full Version : Batman Arkham Asylum Lockups and freezes

05-04-10, 07:17 AM
I got this game on release and completed it when i had my GTX260. Now ever since i got my HD5870 (about a month ago) this game keeps looking up at random intervals. It would just freeze for about 5-10 seconds, blink and then resume as if nothing has happened so i can still game......but it is very annoying having gameplay paused like that and i feel as if i am damaging my PC. This has also occured even before i added the 9800gt for physx

I have tried running my Q9550 at stock, relaxed my memory timings, removed CCC, dropped the Contol Panel audio sample rate, even disabled physx to no avail. If there is anything i have missed, please tell me

Also the only two games this happens to is Batman AA and Trine. This does not happen to any of the other games i own or any of the physx benchmarks i have tested (since the problem occured before the addons)

Please help me resolve this annoying issue

System specs in sig using Windows 7 and Cat 10.4a drivers

05-04-10, 09:12 AM
Never heard of any problems like that releated to this game. Did You reinstalled windows after replacing gpu?

Maybe try forcing of and on some important things in ccc?

05-04-10, 09:31 AM
When i replaced my GPU i changed OS from Vista64 to Windows 7

I have also switched of numerous CCC items and even played the game with AA disabled to no avail