View Full Version : Mechwarrior 4 re-released!

05-04-10, 09:31 PM

and it's free. 1.7GB

Mektek has re-worked some of it. The release crashed the servers over the weekend, with over 100k downloads

05-04-10, 10:19 PM

trivium nate
05-04-10, 10:42 PM
WTF y do we gotta use that stupid ass program to d/l this game?

05-04-10, 10:45 PM

05-04-10, 11:06 PM
I never played MW4, was it much better than 3?

05-05-10, 12:37 AM
Given the popularity of this and MWL, maybe MS will employ a studio to make a new MW game in the future....

A man can dream!

05-05-10, 12:46 AM
MS no longer holds the rights to MW. Smith & Tinker do.

Smith & Tinker ARE making a new MW.


05-05-10, 01:18 AM
will this game run on a pentium 133?

05-05-10, 05:28 AM
i haven't seen any updates to the new mw game that is suppose to come out....i hope a pc version is to follow too :O

05-05-10, 07:07 AM
Yeeee. MW4 was an awesome game. I have MW4: Mercs somewhere too. It's meant to be even better.

05-05-10, 07:14 AM
Given the popularity of this and MWL, maybe MS will employ a studio to make a new MW game in the future....

A man can dream!

and it will be on RROD_Box, point your bot and shoot.

05-05-10, 03:07 PM
Well they had the Mech Assault series for Xbox, but as mentioned, MS do not hold the rights any more. They can't make more games even if they wanted to.

05-05-10, 06:57 PM
WHat ? Last release I couldnt even login.If I install this all again and it doesnt work I swear I'm gonna smash your mom's laptop dude;)

05-05-10, 09:35 PM
This re-release has the MekTek 3 content in it, FYI.

05-07-10, 02:54 AM
Is this worth the download yet or is it still an installation mess?

05-07-10, 02:19 PM
I'd say it's worth the download. At the present time to download and install the free release you need to first download and install "MTX". MTX is a torrent client, an installer and an updater all in one. MTX has a few issues and they are working on it constantly. The main problem they had with MTX was a huge demand for the free release that crashed the mektek.net servers. MTX needed to call home and the server was crashed, so it would not function. Most of this has been sorted out and the current MTX version seems to work well for the majority of users.

Mektek recently announced somewhere in there forums that they will soon release a torrent version of the game that will include a simple installer. You may want to hold off for a while till they have that sorted out.

The current free release is version 3.1 (.0020). This version has a custom Mektek chassis and weapons as well as the "unseens". It also includes the 2 Microsoft mechpak add-ons (4 inner sphere mechs 4 clan mechs) unlocked. It also has some wide screen and high resolution support. The plan is to keep updating this version with new content. Mektek artist have come up with some new chassis and the main mektek developer "J2K" has also many new game play features in store.

Mektek staff have also mentioned that they will release unmodified versions of the game to satisfy the "purest" :headexplode:

I still play this game online regularly and still have a lot of fun with it.

05-07-10, 04:47 PM
Grabbing now. I played online for years with clan Ghost Bear. Man, that was so much fun!